I believe marriage can be one of the most enjoyable, satisfying, and fulfilling relationships ever to be experienced…and remain that way for the long run.  And I believe a marriage like this can be achieved no matter the current situation of your relationship.  Not only that, I also believe that your marriage can be so great that it naturally becomes an inspiration and motivation for others.  This is what I call the ripple effect of a healthy marriage.

I believe there was a time when you may have believed this too, but now you catch yourself losing hope.  Busy schedules and the juggling of responsibilities may have made it difficult for you to give your relationship the attention it needs.  You didn’t mean to, but you realize you and your spouse have drifted apart and you feel like the person you’re married to isn’t the person you held hands with at the altar.  At this point, you’re just not sure what to do anymore and you worry it may be too late.

Don’t lose heart. In the past few decades there has been a surge in research conducted on marriage and relationships.  The findings have increased our knowledge regarding what helps and what hurts relationships, along with proven methods to help couples alleviate problems and improve their marriage.  Now, more than ever before, we know and believe there is hope for marriage, and it really is never too late to have the marriage you want.

The journey forward to a happy and lasting marriage is possible, but it does require that both spouses commit to work at it.  The good news is, you do not have to do it alone.

Couples seek marriage counseling for many reasons and at different stages in their relationship.  The length of counseling varies depending on the severity of problems and strengths of the couple.  While most couples who seek out counseling are already in crisis mode and on the brink of divorce, it’s important to know that couples can benefit from counseling at any point in their relationship.

The most common reasons couples seek out counseling include but are not limited to the following:

Infidelity/betrayal/trust issues

Communication problems

Lack of intimacy

Sex related issues

Distance in relationship

Personality differences

Financial problems

In-laws/family problems



Conflict resolution


Separation or divorce

Pre-marital counseling

There is hope for a better life and a better marriage.  If you’re interested in marriage counseling, I’m here to help.  Call 251-625-0118 to schedule your appointment.