“Most of the important things in the world

have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying

when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

– Dale Carnegie

Reaching out for help can be hard to do, yet it is often a necessary step toward achieving your goals.  Many who seek counseling feel frustrated, alone, and on the verge of defeat.  It is my hope for all clients that by the end of our first meeting together, you will know that you are not alone, you are not defeated, and there is hope.  

I provide counseling for the following areas:

Marriage/Couples: Couples counseling is ideal for those who want to improve communication, learn how to manage conflict in a productive way, feel more connected to your spouse, heal from past wounds, or simply have more fun and enjoy life together. Premarital Counseling offers tips and tools to prepare and strengthen your marriage from the start.

Individuals: Individual counseling empowers you to reach your goals, revive your hopes and dreams, and reclaim the life you were meant to live. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depressed mood, low confidence, relationship difficulties, or just wanting to ensure you are living your best, counseling can help you achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Adolescents: Counseling for teenagers can equip them with skills to manage stress/anxiety, boost self-esteem, work through difficult emotions, and better communicate their thoughts and feelings with others. It may also prove beneficial for improving family connection and preventing more serious personal or relational problems later on in life.

Marriage Assessment: I am a Prepare-Enrich certified counselor.  Prepare-Enrich is a well-researched and widely used dating, premarital, and marriage assessment tool. This assessment can help you identify the specific areas that need growth in your relationship as well as highlight your strengths as a couple.

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